Mystery Knitting Project

Mystery Knitting project


For our many women’s knitting & Crochet circles- it may be a fun idea to promote a Mystery knitting project.  You can invite participants to celebrate with one another at a completion event (Refreshments or coffee and tea).  Invite all to wear their “finished knitties” and just watch their sense of accomplishment grow!

Materials: You need 200 yds. of a sport or worsted weight yarn, and US size 9-12 knitting needles.

    *Cast on 20 stitches
    *Row 1.knit 8, turn, knit back to beginning.
    *Row 2.knit 6, turn, knit back to beginning
    *Row 3. Knit 4, turn, knit back to beginning
    *Knit across all 20 st.
    Repeat these rows until the desired length is reached. End off.

I hate to ruin the suspense but the pictures are here!  Have fun!  They call this the Potato Chip Scarf (because no one can make just one!)  Note: you can also wear 2 together for a different effect!    If you are keeping this a TOTAL MYSTERY- You can print a copy of the instructions here:  MYSTERY KNITTING HANDOUT


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