DIY Customizeable THEME Banners & Printables 4 yr EVENTS!

Summertime DIY French Garden Tins

Summer is in the air and the idea of creating your own French Garden inspires thoughts of beauty and adventure.   Summerrtime tins

This Summertime DIY French Garden Tins project upcycles “throw-away gift tins” and adds beauty for minimal cost.

I am an avid THRIFT STORE NUT & after seeing this idea; I ran to our local thrift stores to find these tins in various sizes. I paid .25 to 1.00 gathering up a collection of tins a few at a time. Using either silks or fresh flowers- fill your tins and set atop a mirror or cloth napkin. You can make one, or fill an entire event center with groupings of this little masterpieces.  Warning: Addictive DIY Project.

Why- I’m proud of you!

thrifty too!


“The Lord gives the word of power; the women who bear and publish the news are a great host.” – Psalms 68:11

Celebrations are “program-rich gifts”, sweet opportunities for those in your group to gather to strengthen relationships with one another and to awaken new spiritual growth.  Plan events for women of all ages to journey through the seasons of their lives in ways that are authentic and honest.  Create a bridge from celebration to faith that develops your women.  We have opportunities to integrate the gifts God has given to each woman, channeling them towards steps forward in their relationships, service, and faith.  Unwrap the gift!

The Celebration is sometimes an incredible launching pad for leaders, which is why we program in such a way that we see transformation.

Look through our program ideas and make them your own.  I have taken time to pray for all those who are creating the ministries you’ve always dreamed of.  May God guide you as you plan.  And the best way to plan? Add the “spiritual giftings” of others!