“If the SHOE FITS wear it”

Favorite shoes program

“If the Shoe Fits- Wear it!”

Have each woman bring their FAVORITE pair of shoes.

Sharing time: “Why is this your favorite?” Answers range from: “They are gardening shoes and remind me about how much I love to work in my garden”; “I use my running shoes every day as I get out and exercise”; “These old slippers…I just can’t throw them away they’re so comfortable”.

Use some of their ideas to underlie your devotion about “Walking with the Lord”.

Teach women 2 or 3 basic Bible study techniques; ensuring that they know how important it is that they learn to “walk”… because they will need “spiritual strength” to run (persevere), and to “garden (harvest-evangelize), or to be as comfortable with prayer as you are slipping on your favorite comfy slippers.